Linear Shafting Collaboration With Spee-D-Metals

SKAMAR has partnered with SPEE-D-METALS.  Over the years, SPEE-D-METALS has come through for our team with very quick same day and next day service on various materials needed in our business of manufacturing linear components and systems.  They have done an exceptional job in helping us improve our service to our own customers.   SPEE-D-METALS is  a metals service center who have taken their “buy only what you need concept” to the next level. 

They provide materials not only to Large Companies but also Small Job Shops, Home Shop Machinists, Universities and Home do-it-yourselfers.They can customize your material by saw cutting to size, grinding, milling, and turning.  

SPEE-D-METALS was established in 1977 in a small 1,111 square foot rental unit. Customer loyalty and word of mouth has allowed the company to grow every year since those early days. They are currently housed in a 30,000 square foot building with over 10,000 items on their floor in Willoughby, OH. They carry various grade of Carbon, Alloy, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Brass, Tool Steels, along with Structural Items and Plate.  Please visit their website for your speedy metals needs at

SPEE-D has added SKAMAR’S expertise of linear shafting to their site to compliment their broad line of metals.  Successful collaboration and networking of all businesses in our area of metals and metals fabricating has and will always be key in meeting our growth objectives.  It’s been a pleasure working with such a great organization and we look forward to growing our businesses together.


Rob Eller/SKAMAR Business Development/216-249-8670

May 3, 2013 Pronájem sídla